Mount Sunapee Resort's Energy Program

The goal of Mount Sunapee’s energy management program is to continue to reduce the resort’s carbon footprint.

Mount Sunapee is purchasing 30 additional HKD high-efficiency snow guns, bringing its inventory to 48 guns. These guns can produce the same amount of snow in temperatures above 25 degrees (which are common during early season snowmaking) as older, less-efficient guns, while using only 12–25% as much compressed air per gun. These guns will continue to reduce the resort’s reliance on diesel air compressors.

Biodiesel B-20 is used in snow grooming equipment and heavy equipment used for snow removal. Biodiesel B-5 is used to heat the base lodges and buildings.

Mount Sunapee is enrolled in the ISO-New England “Emergency Demand Response Program.” Mount Sunapee has agreed to shed 100% of its snowmaking load within 30 minutes should ISO-New England call an emergency between November and March. Mount Sunapee’s superior snowmaking firepower allows the resort to participate in this program without affecting the quality of the snow surfaces at the resort.

Other initiatives include recycling of cardboard, glass, scrap metal, vehicle oil and kitchen oil, the installation of low flush toilets and water-conserving sink faucets, conversion to energy-efficient fluorescent light fixtures in all buildings, a no-idle policy for busses in the parking lot and timers or light sensors to control outside lighting.

Mount Sunapee’s electrical KWH consumption is down almost 10% over the past two winters. Diesel fuel consumption is down almost 15% over the past two years.

“Mount Sunapee’s energy-management program is constantly evolving as new products and opportunities become available,” said General Manager Jay Gamble. “Our goal is to reduce our total energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use sustainable and renewable energy sources when possible.”