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We are Sunapee.

We can't help but smile when someone says "Sun Bowl." We can show you why. We know we'll always find a friend "on the beach" or make a new one. We've taken our holiday picture on top of Skyway Ledges. Smile.

We came for the winter but stayed for the summer. We came for the summer but stayed for the winter. Our groomers kick butt and take names. Every night. We know why things around here are named after geese, and we're good with that. Some days we ski through lunch. Some days, lunch lasts all day. We love rosy cheeks , hot chocolate, chili, and beer. We laugh a little louder.

Did we mention the Beach? We know the snow is going to be great every day , because if it's not falling from the sky, we've got the baddest snowmaking system in New England and we know how to use it. Did we mention you can wake surf on it? Really. It's called Lake Sunapee. We like bringing friends and making new friends - even on powder days. Usually, when we bring friends they become lifers too. Yes, that was Steven Tyler you just saw.

We don't worry about our kids getting lost. So, no, we have no idea where they are right now. And that's just fine with us. We know the back way to North Peak. We love to ski when the sun shines. We love to ski when it doesn't. The last run of the year is as sweet as the first. We are Family. We are Fun.


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