Mount Sunapee AMP Energy Acrobag

This state-of-the-art airbag has a two chamber design to minimize impact and decrease velocity and an inflated outer shell that surrounds the main airbag to keep the user on the airbag. There are separate lanes for the snowtube and skier/boarder as well as jumps designed uniquely for each purpose. A park ranger will assist you at the top of the lanes and inform you when it's your turn. After your run and launch into the Acrobag, another ranger will be there to assist if needed. You can walk on the bag towards the exit located on skier's left, towards the Spruce Lodge. Have fun!


  • Single snow tube jump - $6
  • 3-Jump pass - $15
    Available to skiers, snowboarders and snow tube users.
  • Season pass - $150
    Unlimited use during public hours (12pm-3:30pm)

Anyone under age 18 will need a parent/guardian signature before using the Acrobag. Download waiver

Restrictions and Requirements

In order to use the airbag on skis or a snowboard, the user's first jump must be a straight-air, meaning hitting the jump and landing in the airbag without attempting an aerial maneuver

Helmets are required to use the airbag. They will be provided free of charge for airbag snow tubing

Required weight limits - Due to the nature of the in-run and other factors participants must be between 80 and 250 pounds.