Mount Sunapee Grooming Team

Prinoth BR 350Mount Sunapee has a fleet of two Prinoth BR 350, one BisonX Park Groomer and we received a new BisonX for 2017. The “350” stands for a 350 horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine fueled with bio-diesel. Creature comforts included a killer sound system and heated windows and mirrors. We call this our million dollar grooming fleet as each of these sophisticated machines retails for over $350,000 plus.

Mount Sunapee runs all four grooming machines during two eight-hour shifts every day. The first shift grooms from 4:00pm until midnight and the second shift grooms from midnight until 8:00am.  When combined, our grooming team has over 124 years of experience.  Mount Sunapee has been known for excellent grooming techniques and received a #1 ranking for 2017 according to the annual SKI Magazine Reader Survey.

Surface TillerWe generally follow the same grooming pattern each night. The Sunbowl gets groomed first as it closes for the day a little earlier than the rest of the mountain. Next, the grooming fleet moves to the SCOTT USA Terrain Park. Following the terrain park the groomers move from left to right looking up at the mountain across North Peak onto the Main Mountain. Once they get to the Sunapee Express they move over to South Peak and finish that. The final groom is on Blast-Off and Ridge.

If there is snow overnight, skiers and riders will find the most powder in the Sunbowl as that area of the mountain is groomed first. We generally groom Upper and Lower Ridge last because it is the most popular trail on the Main Mountain for novice skiers and riders. Grooming it last puts the softest finish on the skiing surface.

Grooming Team
 Herb Hurlbut - Grooming Supervisor

Grooming machines are also used to build all of the features in the terrain parks and moguls. Moguls used to be built over time by skiers and snowboarders. The “line” through the moguls often varied and was a function of the quality of the skiers and riders who created the moguls. Building moguls with a grooming machine insures that there will be a rhythmic “line” down through the mogul field.